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Moving4 Effective Ways To Remove Writer’s Block

March 12, 2019by was73100

It all comes to us at one point or another — writer’s block. All of a sudden, we feel tired, uninspired, and unwilling to write. How do you chip away at writer’s block and get back into your freelance writing rhythm? Here are four tips to get over your own personal writer’s block today!

#1 – Do your accounting.

If you treat your writing career as a business (and you should), it’s important to keep track of your income and expenses. So when writer’s block strikes, feel free to take an hour to update your balance sheet, predict the week’s income, and budget your incoming funds.

Sometimes, reminding yourself of writing’s financial rewards is enough to get you moving again!

#2 – Prepare your next proposal.

If you’re not working for a single client full-time, then you should always look forward to your next project. Browse through online job sites for attractive projects, or touch base with a prospective client. Leave an e-mail, a proposal, or just say “hi.”

Waiting for a client to respond is always uncomfortable, so you’ll be more compelled to pass the time by getting back to writing as soon as you can. After you finish writing for the day, check your e-mail — a client’s reply may be a pleasant ending to your workday!

#3 – Get a haircut. (Or manicure, or back massage.)

Sometimes, writer’s block is a sign that you’ve been doing a little too much work, and that you’ve been neglecting your health. So don’t be shy to take an hour or two to get a massage, bike a few laps, or stop by the farmer’s market. Remember, no one likes a sick writer!

For me, a quick change of scenery is enough to make me want to get back to writing as soon as I can. Might as well make that quick change of scenery count, don’t you think?

#4 – Remind yourself of your goals.

At other times, writer’s block comes when you start wondering, “Why am I doing this? What’s the point of it all?” What this happens, it’s a great time to remind yourself of your goals. Remind yourself of why you set out to achieve the freelance writing lifestyle in the first place.

Was it for financial security? Was it so you could spend more time with the spouse and kids? Was it so you could “write” your own life’s destiny? Was it all of these? It’s always easier to get back to writing when you can see the happy ending to it all!

Source by Mike Madrazo

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