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Moving5 Disadvantages of Buying a Brand New House

March 27, 2019by was73100

When it comes to owning a property, there are so many options open to you it can be difficult to know where to start. With new builds, older properties, flats, cottages, bungalows and restored properties to name but a few; it’s no surprise first time buyers get lost in the myriad of choices.

You may, like many people, be under the impression that a brand new house is the best choice. It is no surprise though, that huge price tags are putting people off. However, there are a number of additional disadvantages that might surprise you:

1. Smaller rooms

It is no secret that modern homes are getting smaller. This is due to a lack of space and the rising cost of land. If you’re living on your own or in a couple, this might not be a problem. However, families may find that the smaller rooms just don’t provide adequate space.

2. Lack of parking

Along with the smaller property size, brand new houses are often lacking in off road parking. Past requirements used to state that you needed 2 spaces for a 3 bedroom property have been eased. For homeowners, this now means that you may end up parking on the road or a long way away from your front door.

3. Poor gardens

It’s not just the parking spaces that have been lost. An increasing number of new build properties are lacking in great gardens. While front gardens seem to have been lost completely, back gardens are also getting smaller. Again, for young families, a large garden is ideal. If you’re looking for plenty of outdoor space, you should certainly be looking at older properties.

4. Postal problems

Another disadvantage of moving into a brand new property is that you may experience difficulty arranging deliveries. Out-of-date records, incorrect postcodes, and other complications with the postal service can make moving a nightmare. People have reported difficult in ordering goods online as well as arranging buildings insurance and other bills.

5. Lack of character

The final disadvantage we’re looking at here is the lack of character in a new home. Unlike older properties, brand new homes don’t have that prestige, history, and character about them. They are often constructed cheaply and quickly, without being made of “anything special”. For many people, it is the character of a property that seals the deal for first time buyers.

These disadvantages of buying a brand new home are obviously dependent on what you want from a house. For some people, a brand new home is the ideal as it is a property for life. To make your mind up, shop around and view a whole host of properties to help you make up your mind.

Source by Ruth Williams

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