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Moving5 Life Changing Lessons That You Can Learn From 'Yes Man' the Movie

November 26, 2018by was73100

This movie was released last year but why it is related with life and personal growth? It is really a magnificent movie if you are able to extract some important keys to live life happily. Therefore, let me do the work for you. I have analyzed the movie and learned many important keys to live life the way we want.. I will explain the lessons and at the end of each lesson I will describe how we can implement in our lives.

All right now let us begin.

Lesson 5 – Do not let your past to take control over you.

This is the Ultimate lesson that I learned in this movie. In Yes Man, Carl will be deeply affected with the divorce and his previous relationship. He let this event in his life to take control over him by avoiding his friends and lock himself equipped with some DVD movies to kill off his time at his apartment.

What you can do: If you really have so much of pain especially your past life, then this is the time for you to take decision to kill them off with positive actions. Go out with your friends. Spend some time doing what you love. The key is to make yourself busy until you do not have sufficient time to think about your painful past. You can choose to be happy.

Lesson 4 – Ignoring or avoiding opportunities.

There are many opportunities that shows up to Carl in many events but he refused all of them by saying ‘No’. He was really good at that in rejecting opportunities. Some of the opportunities that came to him are so precious whereby he could have been promoted at a very early stage. The ‘No’ word has put him in the place where there would be no growth.

What you can do: There would be no growth in life if we keep on pushing away opportunities that shows up. Saying yes to some of the opportunities by taking action on them can change your life. You can begin now with simple changes whereby saying yes to your kid to have a picnic at weekend. It can be anything and you just have to remember the key where if you take action on opportunities, there will be growth in your life.

Lesson 3 – Saying Yes can open your mind to new possibilities.

After Carl attend the seminar, he will make a covenant to say yes to every opportunities that presents themselves. He will be able to discover different areas of life even a very good experience whereby he would be able to save a man from jumping from his apartment. He learned how to play guitar, flight lessons, even learning how to speak Korean.

What you can do: There is a very simple and easy thing that you can do. Let us do this together as fun. Just for one week try to say yes to…


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