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Moving5 Tips For Bikini Line Hair Removal

April 4, 2019by was73100

Bikini line hair removal is actually a delicate and sensitive topic but it is very essential for every woman to know the tips to avoid mistakes in the future.

1. Wide selections of methods are available in the market for bikini line hair removal but certainly the most common method is shaving. It is the quickest method but unfortunately, it is not the best one. It is recommended to a moisturizing lotion or gel to ease the friction in the very delicate area of bikini line. Be careful when shaving and the skin must be treated before and after shaving. Lotions can be a lot of help in the treatment to make the skin soft and at the same time avoiding razor burn.

2. Creams are also helpful in bikini line hair removal. They are designed to remove the hairs with no pain at all, because you just need to smooth it on skin and later after a minute, remove it with water. Unfortunately, some creams have bad odors and can cause chemical burns to some people with delicate skin. If applying it for the first time, try testing a small amount on a portion of your bikini area and if redness or burning occurred, immediately remove the cream and never use again.

3. Waxing is also an essential method for bikini hair line removal and many beauty salons are offering bikini waxes that are inexpensive and have long-lasting effects. Majority of women waxed their bikini hair when going to a long holiday while some have it done regularly.

4. To avoid the hassle of bikini line hair removal, laser treatment is recommended but its expensive yet very effective method. First, try to have a bit of research and find a professional practitioner who has an experience. This will make you comfortable and secure to entrust an experienced person to do this delicate treatment. Always bear in mind that you are treating a very sensitive part of the body.

5. At least 3 weeks prior to your laser bikini line hair removal, stop tweezing, waxing and electrolysis. Also, avoid artificial or real tanning for 4 to 6 weeks before the treatments. Any color in the skin will cause the laser removal less effective and most of the professional practitioner refused to treat any tanned area for discoloration or blistering may occur. Avoid using prescription drugs that can cause sensitivity to UV rays to avoid being burned during the treatment.

Source by John Luu

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