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Moving5 Tips for Hair Removal for Men

July 26, 2019by was73100


Women are not alone when it comes to wanting a good form of hair removal. In fact, hair removal for men is becoming a big business. Men today want hair removal solutions that are also skin friendly. The following information will give men some options for hair removal that will leave them with that just shaven look all the time.

1- Men can use many of the same types of hair removal systems as that are available for women. For example, a man that is interested in getting rid of chest hair can try depilatory creams, waxing or electrolysis. All of which will also work for facial and back hair issues as well. However, many men that want to rid themselves of unwanted hair may not be so motivated as to shop in the women’s beauty isle.

2- Thankfully, the hair removal industry is beginning to take notice to the requests that they have been receiving from men. A popular depilatory company has formulated a cream that works well on men’s course hairs. Traditional creams, made for women, were formulated to remove fine hairs, and were not a good match for men’s needs. This method usually will need to be redone about every two or three weeks.

3- Waxing is also an option, but can be very painful. This procedure requires the use of melted wax that is poured on directly on the hair that is to be removed. Then the wax is pulled off, in the opposite direction as the hair growth, pulling the hairs buy the root with it. This is a very effective way for hair removal for men, as it works equally well on fine hair as well as on course the course hairs that are often found on the backs and chests of many men. Waxing generally needs to be done approximately every four to six weeks to keep the body hair free.

4- If you are ready for the next step then electrolysis hair removal may be up your alley. This method is considered to be the major leagues. Electrolysis consists of electrocuting each individual hair follicle with the use of a long, thin wire that is inserted into the skin and actually touches the follicle. While this form of hair removal is very effective, in reality, you can expect about 2/3 of the growing hair to truly be removed. The reason is simple, if the follicle is not completely electrocuted, it can and most likely will re-grow hair. In addition, it is important to note that hair grows in cycles and only a portion of the active follicles will be producing hair at the time of the initial electrolysis treatment. Therefore, you can expect multiple treatments and then touch ups once or twice a year after that.

5- If you are considering any of these forms of hair removal for men, it might be a wise idea to consult a beauty salon. While this idea may not sit well with some men, these are the people who will have the answers you need, after all, they have been taking care of women’s unwanted hair issues for years.


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