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Moving7 Frequently Asked Questions About Houseboating

June 7, 2019by was73100


Planning to go on a houseboat trip? Here are some of the frequently asked questions of curious vacationers like you which can help you get an idea of what to expect when hiring a houseboat..

1. What are the requirements to drive a houseboat?

Most ouseboat rental companies may require you to present your car driver’s license before you can rent a boat. You should also be of legal age (18 years and up) to drive the craft on your own. Some rental companies require houseboaters to be at least 21 years old.

2. Do I need enough houseboating experience?

Generally, experience is not necessary. The boat manager will guide you and take you out for a houseboating lesson before you leave for your trip. Most rental companies will take you for a quick instructional cruise just to make sure that you are comfortable in operating the craft.

3. What things should I bring?

While most houseboats are equipped with all sorts of tools you can find in your home from kitchen utensils, pillows and linens to cutlery, grill and DVD players, there are some things you need to bring such as food, drinks, toiletries, DVDs, binoculars, water toys, fishing equipment, etc.. It is best to call the rental company to find out what items are included and not included in your rental package. This way you can prepare a complete list of the things you will need to bring for the trip.

4. How many people can ride a houseboat?

Houseboating is ideal for couples to groups of around 12 people and is the perfect leisure activity for all ages. Boat berths or sleeping areas often vary in different types of boats. You can rent from economy package to luxury houseboats and from six to twelve berths. Children under 12 months are typically excluded.

5. Is it suitable for children?

Yes! In fact, houseboating is the perfect family get-away. If regulations are strictly adhered to and you use a lot of common sense, kids can have the best vacation ever! Most boats have various child safety areas and dependable safety latches.

6. Where should I leave my car while I’m on the boat?

Most rental companies have a lock-up and flood lit car park which provides 24 hour-security. While some companies charge a modest parking fee, you can also find some free and secure lock-up car parking areas at the marina.

7. How far can I take the boat?

Most houseboats travel with an average speed of 7 km/hr. and most people spend 4-5 hours travelling per day. Some houseboat destinations are limited to boundaries, so, you could only go up and down the river.


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