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Removals insurance

The option of our Removals and Storage Insurance provides you with the peace of mind that your property will be fully protected throughout the entire moving process.

Here at 3B Removals, we understand that when you’re moving home, you need a reliable, professional and friendly approach from your removals provider. That’s why our team will work with you from the initial survey of your home to the completion of your move, making sure we take care of every aspect of your requirements and provide a completely stress free service.

To support our removals services we offer all our domestic removals customers the option to take out removals insurance with us. Our ‘Removals and Storage Policy’ (also known as ‘Goods In Transit & Storage Insurance’), ensures you and your property are fully protected during the crucial moving process.

Although we take every possible precaution to minimize risk to your belongings, home removals insurance is essential for house moves. ‘Extended’ or ‘Standard’ Liability policies are not enough, as they do not actually insure your possessions and the legal complexities of this type of product could leave you severely out of pocket.

As a properly insured customer, you will be able to submit any claim directly against the Insurer, whereas if you only have Extended or Standard Liability cover, your claim will have to be made against the mover, who may not accept liability. you’ll also have the right of recourse to the Financial Ombudsman if a dispute arises, whereas Extended or Standard Liability claimants have no such rights.

Marine Transit Insurance

For international removals, we also offer comprehensive Marine Transit Insurance. We take every precaution to minimize the chance that any of your belongings will be damaged, but the additional cover of our Marine Transit Insurance will provide protection for your personal belongings against the risks associated with international shipping and air freight.

If you are relocating or thinking of moving abroad get in touch for further information on our Marine Transit Insurance.

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We specialize in handling fine art and antiques as well as items that are over-sized, uniquely shaped, high value or extremely fragile.
We provide specialty freight services for individuals, galleries, auction houses, antique and fine art dealers, collectors, and the home decorating industry.
Pack and protect your specialty freight. By using only the finest materials available, Arrow Express has set the standard when it comes to packing your valuables for safe transport.
3B Removals uses the safest, most reliable and affordable shipping options available,. We ship door-to-door, door-to-port, by air, land, or sea, to both commercial and residential clients worldwide.

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