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MovingAdvantages of an Adserver for an Online Media Company

November 24, 2018by was73100

An online business aims at monetizing the traffic on its websites, mainly by selling ads. As a new online media entrepreneur, it may seem easier and risk-free to depend on a third-party for selling the ads, but it always carries the backlog of sharing the revenue. Whereas investing on and deploying an ad server into the business, gives complete control on your ad operations. An Adserver is primarily designed to make the online advertising easier and more efficient.

Here are a few reasons on how a good adserver can become a booster for your online business.

Complete Control

You can stay in control of the ads which come into your website. Ads, their impression history etc can be known up to date. This gives extra freedom to display those ads which generate more revenue, more often than others. And it is your site, your ad server, so you can take full advantage of building up your business by serving in-house ads at absolutely no extra cost. Serving new ads and removing the old ones can happen with a few clicks.

Ad placements

Various ads from your own advertisers, from other ad networks like AdSense, AdBrite etc can be rotated and served on the same ad spot. Also, ad placements can be experimented by changing the ad spots like moving from left to right etc depending on which one generates more impressions and clicks.

Advantages for Advertisers

You can create accounts for each of your advertisers so that they have access to clicks, CTRs, audience who watch their campaigns etc or send periodic reports on the same to your advertisers. This results in a win-win situation for both you and your advertisers, as you keep your advertisers in your control and advertisers get first-hand information on their campaign’s performance.

Targeting a specific audience for your advertisers becomes easier for you with your own adserver.

Ad Pricing

You can play around with different pricing arrangements such as CPA, CPC or CPM or just a fixed rate. You can also fix your own and different rates for different ad formats.

Reports and Statistics

An adserver gets you numerous reports and statistics related to your online advertising business – revenues, expenditures, ads performance, visitors, their dwell rate etc. A good ad server allows you to get the reports the way you want.

A media entrepreneur might be wary of investing on an adserver especially if his is a start-up. But if he is confident of the visitors’ traffic and its composition in his website(s), he can maximise his revenue using his own adserver. Simple ways such as ‘Advertise with Us’…


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