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MovingAffiliate Marketing Part 1 – Seven Things You Need To Know To Stop Dreaming

June 9, 2019by was73100


Let’s face it. For many thousands of people the dream of working from home and making a good income is just that – a dream. Others think it has gone past being a dream and is now just one of history’s great scams. This doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to affiliate marketing. Not easy, it’s true, but possible if you know how.

What Is This Affiliate Marketing?

1. While there are thousands of affiliate marketers out there, and the numbers just keep increasing, you may not be entirely sure what this kind of marketing consists of.

2. It comes down to this. Many companies wish to get your help in selling their products. The better you can do it, the better off the company is, and of course, the better off you are. Win, win, as they say.

3. There are hundreds and perhaps even thousands of companies who will let you sign up as their ‘sales assistant’ or affiliate. You canvass for sales, and for every sale you refer to the company you get paid a commission.

What is the payment process?

1. The sales are traced by means of an affiliate link. Unique affiliate links are assigned to each affiliate person so that you can be paid commissions you earn.

2. There are as many ways of promoting the product as there are businesses in the world, but in general today this is done by you having your own website, your own blog, or any other manner you can find of promoting your links online (or ‘on the web’, as is commonly said).


These facts seem simple enough, but you might still be saying to yourself, “That’s all very well, but I couldn’t do that.” Well, you almost certainly will have heard of some huge companies that have steady and strong affiliate programs such as Amazon and eBay. You can become an affiliate of each one of them, though I suggest you tackle one at a time and become successful there. If you do well enough you may well decide just to stick with the one you become expert on – then you can sell your services to other would-be affiliates and help them become successful also!

What do the companies get out of it?

1. Advertising. As you know, when a friend says ‘buy product X’ you are far more likely to go ahead than if you have seen perhaps even a very expensively produced advertisement. Quite simply, this is probably the most effective form of advertising for companies – word of mouth.

2. Internet banner ads, TV commercials, Newspapers, Magazines, Google AdWords, and many other methods – big companies use them all. But what is probably most effective? Armies of people such as yourself (affiliates) working to make a better life for themselves and their families. It’s win-win for you and the companies.

But What About Me?

“Great, but can I do it?” I hear you ask?

You can if you know how to go about it the right way (as with most things in life). The choice is yours.

a. Struggle and perhaps get absolutely nowhere (except disillusioned).

b. Learn how to do it right.

If you wish to learn more, check out my resource box below. Happy affiliate marketing!


Source by Paul F Smith

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