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September 3, 2019by was73100


There are many different reasons for using removal services. But whatever you need done you may find that the list of available removal companies is quite extensive, depending on where you live. There are professional removal services companies, and then there are privately owned businesses as well as the man with the van or trailer. Which one should you choose?

Each type of removal service has its ups and downs, but there are general tips on finding the right one for you. The professional removal services companies will come in, assess the situation and give you an estimate on how much it will cost how long it will take. And in most cases they will go as far as letting you know exactly what they will be doing on the day of your house move or office move.

If you choose to use them after the visit to your house or office, you fill out a contract, pay them using a debit or credit card and a date will be arranged for your move. These kinds of removal companies come in with enough people to get the job done right the first time and when they are gone there is a minimal amount of impact. That is why you will have to give them enough notice for your removal date as they need to plan for manpower and resources for the move. Professional removal companies will always have some kind of limited guarantee or warranty as well, and their offices can always be contacted for positive as well as negative feedback.

Private removal services are usually people who are in business for themselves. They may have really nice equipment and usually are set up almost like professional removal companies, in that they will come in, look at the job, give you a quote, etc. You will find the odd good honest man who will also hand in contracts, appointments, and are usually on time and do a professional job. They do not always give warranties and do not always have proper insurance. They may have sufficient manpower but most of them could be hired contractors. Nothing wrong about that as some hired contractors could be very efficient and dedicated to providing excellent customer service as they know they could be repeat business. But on the other hand, companies using “in-house staff” tend to be more professional. So make sure you know precisely what you will get for your money before using this kind of removal services.

The man with a van or man and van are mostly of good character but are often looked at opportunist. The term “man and van” is often used when referring to someone driving a small white van; usually Ford Transit vans. They also carry the reputation of having poor driving skills, and aggressive or inconsiderate manner. The reason why they are seen as opportunist is because the man with the van usually jumps from trades to trades. I have seen many “men and van” start out as builders, carpenters or plumbers but also offering domestics removal services and many other trades. For example they may drive around after a storm, looking for fallen trees. If they find one that has caused damage to someone’s property, they will offer their removal services. Again, while many do have good intentions and are reasonable, they probably won’t be licensed like better removal companies, and may only remove the larger branches, leaving all the sticks and twigs. If you have any problems, chances are unlikely you will be able to contact them.

Whatever you decide to do, here are some things you should look for when seeking any type of removal services.

The first thing right away for you to understand the nature of the job you wish to contract out. After you are certain of the risk and have pictured the worst case scenario, you are ready to make a informed choice between the professional removal companies, the privately owned removal services or the man and van.

If you don’t feel comfortable in any way, whether they didn’t answer your questions, didn’t have references, feel free t cancel the job and find someone else.

Make sure you get many estimates. You should be sure to include things like, cost, time involved, and what is and isn’t included with the removal services. Ask many questions and get references. It is a good idea to do some researching first, to find out what an average fair price is for your needs, and then go from there.

Before you sign any contracts, find out how reputable they are, check references, look online to see if there have been any complaints etc. Read all paperwork over carefully and make sure that you are easily able to contact them if there is a problem, as well as anything else you can think of.


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