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MovingAwesome Tips on How to Sell Your House Fast!

October 25, 2018by was73100


Who doesn’t want to sell their home fast, right? If you are thinking of selling your home, here are some things that you need to keep in mind in order to avoid the long and wearisome process of getting people interested in your property.

You can always find a buyer. There is always someone out there interested in buying your property – if it is the property they want. Basically, this means that you need to prep your home in order grab their interest. Do not expect potential buyers to purchase your property if your home is falling apart or is hardly liveable.

When buying a house, people go for what “feels right” to them. They are often searching for properties that truly feel like “home” for their families – much like what you were probably looking for when you bought your house or had it built. So, what can you do to ensure the interest of all potential buyers?

Give an Outright Offer 10% Discount

Many home buyers tend to reduce the price on a staggered basis. When the house is not selling, they would reduce the price until they find themselves reducing the price practically on a weekly basis! Ironically, this incremental reduction only tends to discourage home buyers. You create the impression that a lot of people have seen your property, and many of them must have rejected your home. If that is the case, then why should they bother to check it out?

Instead of making incremental reduction, slash the price from the start. Do your homework. Find out how much a property in your location is worth. Reduce this amount by 10%. Many home buyers are attracted to newest and cheapest properties in the market.

Hire a Broker from the Top 10%

There are hundreds of real estate brokers in the market, but you need to look for the real estate broker who can sell your house fast. Ask for personal recommendations from relatives and friends. Recommendations are the best way to go. The best brokers who comprise 10% of all real estate brokers actually handle 90% of real estate businesses. Find one of these brokers. He will steer you through the process and avoid the headache.

Consider All Bids

Many homeowners refuse to consider first offers. They get a bite early on, and they feel like they can get more. Initially, you would feel like that the first offer isn’t that great. You would likely feel that there would be better and bigger offers if you just wait. Don’t be tempted to ignore the first bid. Seriously take it in consideration.

Use Only the Best Photos for Your Ads

If you don’t want to hire a professional photographer, get a camera with…


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