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MovingBuying a Wall Hung Style of Bathroom Suite

September 16, 2018by was73100

A wall hung style of bathroom suite consists of a wall hung toilet with a cistern that’s concealed either behind a false wall or within a piece of bathroom furniture (either a WC unit or a basin and WC combination unit) and a wall hung basin. The basin may also be a standalone piece of sanitaryware or an inset or countertop basin combined with a wall hung vanity unit. If you choose a bathroom furniture option, your WC unit and vanity unit can be coordinated for a streamlined look.

This look is one that complements contemporary bathrooms well; it’s also very practical for two reasons:

1. Its clean lines and streamlined design makes it easy to clean, plus it does not touch the bathroom floor at any point, which means that the floor is easy to clean, too.

2. The positioning of the bathroom suite allows you to see the whole floor area. This is a big advantage in small bathrooms, as it makes them appear larger than they are.

When you’re choosing your sanitaryware, remember that you will ordinarily need to select your brassware (taps) and waste for your basin separately. It’s also possible that your concealed cistern and wall mounting frame for your wall hung toilet will be sold separately, too. Make sure you buy everything you need: don’t assume that things will be included – check!

You’ll need to select taps which complement your overall bathroom suite aesthetic, whether that be sweeping curves or straight lines and angles. Do remember as well that your basin may be pre-drilled for either a single, monobloc mixer tap, or for a pair of basin taps. Alternatively, it may not be drilled at all: either so that you can decide where the tap should best be situated, or because the basin is designed to be paired with deck or wall mounted taps. Make sure you check what kind of taps you’ll need before you start looking – it will make your choice a lot easier!

When you’re buying your basin waste, there are two basic types to choose from: slotted and unslotted. The former should be used where your basin has an overflow slot; the latter where it does not. You also have a choice of whether to go for a pop up waste or a manual design.

If you are thinking of buying a wall hung style of bathroom suite, the main thing to check before you go ahead is whether your bathroom walls are structurally up to the job of supporting the weight of a bathroom suite and (in the case of the toilet) the weights of the occupants of and visitors to your home, too. The main disadvantage of a wall hung style in cases where the existing walls are not very…


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