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MovingCarpet Removal – Four Simple Steps for Removing Your Old Carpet

March 28, 2019by was73100

Removing and disposing of old carpet may be part of the deal when

you purchase new carpet. But what if you plan to install a

different type of floor or you plan to install the new floor

yourself? How will you be able to remove that huge carpet by

yourself? How will you dispose of it? And, how will you prepare

your floor for a new floor.

There is no need to worry, just follow these four simple steps

and in no time you will have removed and disposed of your old

carpet and will be ready to move on to installing your new floor.

Step #1 Cut the Carpet Into Manageable Strips

The carpet does not have to leave your house in one piece as it

came in. The simplest method to cut your carpet into strips is to

use a knife. Avoid scissors — they require much more work on

your part.

Lift the carpet along an edge or doorway and using the knife,

begin cutting the carpet into two to three foot wide strips that

are about six to ten feet long. Roll each strip as you go and you

will find that each section can easily be deposited into a large

garage can , dumpster, or the back of a truck.

Continue cutting the carpet into strips and removing each section

until you have removed the entire carpet.

Step #2 Remove the Carpet Pad

Removing the carpet pad will be even easier than removing the

carpet. Simply cut the pad into strips as you did with the carpet

and remove.

Step #3 Remove Carpet Tack Strips

You will want to remove the tack strips as soon as possible as

they are very painful to step on. A hammer and a flat screwdriver

are all you will need to remove the carpet tack strips around the

edge of the room. Use the flat screwdriver to pry up the tack

strips. The prongs of the hammer also work well for this if you

have room between the wall and the tack strip. Once the wood tack

strips are removed, use the hammer to pull up any nails that held

the strips in place.

Step #4 Clean Up

Now that the main mess is gone, make sure all carpet glue and

pieces of carpet pad are removed. Using the flat screwdriver or a

spackle knife, scrape up the glue and other debris. Sweep the

floor. A shop vacuum works well for the final clean up.

Now your old carpet is gone, your room is clean, and your floor

is a blank canvas ready for you to create a brand new look.

Source by Marie Stark

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