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MovingCat House Training Made Easy

March 31, 2019by was73100


Whether you have just adopted a kitten, or have been living with an untrained adult cat, it is never too late to train your feline friend to properly use a litter box. It is probably even easier to train your cat than you think. These quick tips will get you well on the way.

Tip Number One:

Get the right number of litter boxes.

Most cat owners think that they only need one litter box if they have one or more cats. The truth is that cats love to be clean, and may refuse to use a litter box that is soiled. Experts recommend having at least one more box than you have cats. That means if you have one cat, you need two boxes. If you have two cats, you should have three clean boxes. Three cats means four boxes… you get the idea.

Tip Number Two:

Buy the right kind of litter.

Though there are a wide variety of litter brands and types available, there is one main thing you should look for on the bag. That is the word “clumping” or “scoopable.” Either one of these means that when you cat soils the litter, it will form a clump that is easily scooped out and disposed of. (Thus the name clumping or scoopable!) Then make sure you regularly scoop out the soiled litter. If you neglect this, your cat may refuse to use the dirty box and go in places you don’t want him to, like on the carpet!

Tip Number Three:

Give your cat a private place to go.

Cats are not only clean animals, but private as well. Be sensitive to your cat’s need to have his own space to go. A small dark closet or a corner of a little-used room is ideal. Leaving the litter box in a bright, well-trafficked area will cause your cat not to want to use it.

Get started with these three tips, and your cat should be well on the way to perfect litter box behavior, and you can banish “accidents” from your life once and for all.


Source by Aaron Michaels

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