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MovingDealing With People – Specializing With Your "In the House" Audience

March 25, 2019by was73100


In the article entitled Dealing with People – Who is YOUR Audience? We established that you have two types of audiences. Your “in the house” audience and your “out of the house” audience. The focus of this article is to help you learn to deal with your “in the house” audiences, which are your loved ones.

As you well know, when dealing with your loved ones, you can definitely relate that this audience will be the hardest to deal with. Simply put, emotions run high when love ones are involved. This is due to the nature of you being torn between your tolerances, emotions, and your strong beliefs versus theirs. In addition, there are personality conflicts and habits that seem to drive people crazy.

There are five basic categories of “in the house” audiences. These are spouses, children, in-laws, siblings, and friends that are considered family. One technique of becoming an expert when dealing with your family is for you to remind yourself to remove emotions and judgments and maintain consistency. This can be achieved by being in control of your thoughts and reserving judgment until you have made an assessment of a situation while keeping it under control.

No matter how much you love someone; there will always be conflict, disorder, chaos, and some annoying traits about one another. On the other hand, we often forget to look in the mirror. We often forget that we too contribute to disarray in the household. Yes it is hard to admit but it is honesty.

Honesty is the foundation to every strong relationship. You must be honest with yourself and your family members in order to achieve a well balanced healthy relationship. With honesty, you can never fail because even if the relationship is temporarily soured you have confidence and nothing to hide.


Source by Madison M. McIntire

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