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MovingDeclutter Ideas – Organize In Less Than 10 Minutes

July 13, 2019by was73100


Reduce clutter in any room in your home, in about seven or eight minutes, with these quick declutter ideas. The first thing that you need to do is to grab a laundry basket or a box. Anything that is easy to hold and deep enough to fit lots of items. I would also suggest that you bring along a small plastic bag(ones that stores put groceries in), to put any trash in, as you make your way from room to room.

Then start by moving clockwise around the room, grab anything that does not belong there and throw it in the basket. At this point, you are not sorting items. You just want to remove any items that do not belong in that particular room of the house.

This will get rid of about 90% of the clutter, and take only a minute or two. If you get an unexpected visitor, you could easily stash the basket in a closet (only until your company is gone).

But at this point you should take about 5 minutes to put things where they need to be in that room. For instance, any toys should be placed back in the toy box. Jewelry needs to be put back in the jewelry chest.

Leave any dirty laundry in the basket. If you have things that belong in other rooms in the home, then take the basket and go to those rooms, and put the items back. Make your stop be the laundry room, where you can toss the dirty clothes in the washing machine. Quick, simple and easy.

Of course, this does not to take the place of a proper cleaning. You should always make time to dust, vacuum, clean and sanitize your home. Otherwise, clutter will not be your only issue (if you know what I mean). This is just meant to give you a quick way to keep the house tidy, in between your usual thorough cleaning routine.


Source by Maria L Jackson

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