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MovingDo You Need a Big or Small Office Space?

April 10, 2019by was73100

Time has come for you to rent an office space for your business. Understanding your needs is the first step to choose the right kind of office. Things you want to avoid are unutilized space and wasting money on unnecessary things. Let’s see a few tips to make an informed choice about the size and features of your office. We will also see a case in which new space is not needed at all.

Type of rooms

There is no single recipe for a perfect office. It really depends on what your business is about. If you have frequent meetings, make sure to include a meeting room in your office. Avoid stuffiness, since this can really be negative for your meetings with clients and staff. It is better to have a slightly bigger space than your actual needs. Do you need rooms devoted to specific areas/departments? Do yourself a favour and plan ahead.


It is crucial that your employees have sufficient space to work. Allot 190-250 square feet for each of them. Make sure that the higher the rank of the worker, the bigger the space he or she will get. Don’t try to save money, your work environment has to be enjoyable and comfortable for everybody and space is an essential ingredient.

Rest space

Work to live, don’t live to work! Make sure your office is not only a collection of cubicles, but also a place where people can have a chat, spend time together and relax. Their productivity will be much higher. A room should be devoted to this. Do you know that Google offices have large fitness rooms, billiard rooms and high-quality kitchens?

Don’t exaggerate

“The bigger the better” does not work. You should try to make the best use of your limited resources. If you are considering renting a new office space, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are we using the existing space effectively?
  • Can we really justify the new expense?
  • What can we cut in terms of costs and space?


Did you know that outsourcing your personnel is the number one solution to save on office space? Instead of renting new space, you may organise the transition from personal employment to service outsourcing (for example, IT department). Thousands of companies now see the positive side of work from home: it is a win-win deal and can be the best alternative to renting new space.

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