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MovingDog Stains – Some Removal Tips

October 7, 2018by was73100


I may say that no dog stains prevent true dog lovers from keeping these pets at home, but I may also say that dogs are a bit quicker than cats in making stains. Dogs make stains not only by marking your furniture with their urine, but also by bringing much dirt and hair (if you have a long-wooled pets), into your house. So, let us take a look at what you can do for dog stains removal.

I should also state that dog urine stains are less odorous than cats’. But the methods of their removal is quite similar to cat urine removal. The fresher is the stain the easier it can be removed. So, first you need to soak the urine out and wash it off your furniture or carpet. Then you may use vinegar or baking soda for removing the odor. Simply apply soda to the stain and leave it there or wash the stain with vinegar solution several times.

Now, there are several ways to remove dirt stains made by dogs on your floors, carpets or furniture. First of all try to remove all dry pieces of dirt stain. Then you follow on with cold water washing or brush cleaning. No rubbing. If the dog dirt stain would not come off after such treatment, you may wash or clean it using vinegar water solution or soak it in vinegar solution.

Finally, you may apply hydrogen peroxide to such dirt stains. It is a pretty strong remedy, but you should first apply it to some hidden corner of your furniture upholstery or carpet to see if it will not damage the colors thereof.

Now, the third kind of stains dogs can produce is quite a delicate topic. Bitch dogs go on heat every once in a while and can stain things in your home with blood. In many cases, when the dog is a favorite pet, it is allowed to sit on couches or chairs and leaves blood stains there.

Blood stains always have to be first cleaned using cold water. Fresh blood stains can be removed with soapy cold water. Old blood stains have to be soaked in cold water for several hours. You may also add some liquid ammonia to the water and clean the stains.

If such dog stains do not come off, you may treat them with borax solution (add 1 table spoon of borax to a glassful of warm water). After washing borax off, you may clean what is left of the stain with warm hydrogen peroxide.

So, as you see, most of the dog stains can be successfully removed from any home articles.


Source by Rob Hillman

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