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MovingDouble Chin Removal – What Can You Do To Remove A Double Chin?

June 14, 2019by was73100


When you’re sporting a double chin, you might describe it as carrying around a big rock on your face that everyone looks at, or that at least you feel like everyone is noticing.

Even if you workout and eat healthy, you may still have this unwanted feature, because some people have baby fat from their earlier days that continues to carry over. And if this is the case then what the heck can you do, and is there really such a thing as true and permanent double chin removal?

Although you would probably like to use the transporter on Star Trek and beam your double chin to another planet where it can live it’s own, lonely life, far away from your face — I would like to first remind you of something.


Your posture really does matter. No, it won’t remove a double chin, but it will reduce the appearance of it. Many people have terrible posture, and this is also confirmed through body language. One of the first things you learn about when studying how people communicate their thoughts and feelings through body language is that whatever they are insecure about, they usually bring attention to by their physical presence.

So for instance, if you are concerned about losing a double chin, then you will probably keep your head down subconsciously and bury it into your chest, which will bring more attention to this hotspot and put further emphasis on the fact that you do in fact have a double chin.

Correct your posture as a first step and you will appear taller, more powerful and more confident — people won’t even notice, plus it will give the appearance of a smoother neck line!

Just remember that the first step in correcting body language is to hold your chin high, something you may feel insecure about doing at first.

Surgical Procedures

A neck lift certainly can take away the tissue around your chin that you don’t want, but the recovery and expense is pretty great, plus it does leave a scar!

Liposuction is another alternative procedure, and it will suck out the fat, but lose skin left sagging behind is inevitable.

There is a new technology called SlimLipo which uses laser treatment to zap away fat and tighten skin at the same time. There are no scars left from this type of treatment and you won’t be spending weeks recovering.

Face Exercises For Double Chin Removal

Facial yoga as it’s sometimes called is a way to rejuvenate the skin and muscles in the face. It’s actually believed to be an ancient practice, and even many celebrities who are much older now who could afford fancy procedures have opted for this method instead, and they swear by it!

It’s free, does work (although physical results may not appear immediately), and it’s healthy with no side effects. You can do these exercises to remove a double chin in the privacy of your own home, and on average about 30 days will give you the results you seek.

The face, neck and chin all consist of many overlapping muscles just like any other part of the body, but we don’t give them any kind of a workout. This is why for the sake of looking younger and preserving your youth, these exercises will do more for you than any surgical procedure ever could.


Source by Jesse Avery

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