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MovingDreaming of a Dead Cat – Prophetic Dream Interpretations

September 7, 2018by was73100


So you dreamed of a dead cat and now you’re laced with worry, stressing about the possible meaning of your dream. You’re trembling. Your inner sanctuary is in shambles. You wonder, what could this mean?

To understand the cat dream you just had, you need to look at the dream from a unique perspective and ask yourself some fundamental questions.

What does a cat mean to you? Do you like cats at all? Or are you simply indifferent to them? What feeling goes through you whenever you see a cat? Do you automatically feel instant attraction?

The significance of a cat to you will help identify precisely what your dream means.

Let me give you an example of a cat dream I had.

The Dream:

I dreamed a dream overnight sometime in November of 2009. In my dream, I was in the backyard of a house. Evening time was at hand. I found myself swimming with a cat in the lake that was behind the house. Whose house this was, I do not know. But I swam in the lake with the cat right beside me.

Being human, I can obviously swim a lot faster than a cat ever can. So I swam at my regular pace but before long, there had been somewhat of a distance created between myself and this cat. I didn’t notice this immediately. When I looked back to check up on the cat, the cat had sunk to the bottom of the lake.

I hurried back to where the cat was and when I arrived there, the cat was at the bottom of the lake with its eyes wide open as if in horror. It wasn’t struggling like one would expect a drowned cat to, it just laid there frozen with its eyes staring back at me. I looked down at this cat and wondered if I should dive to the bottom of the lake to pull it out.

But I as pondered on this, I thought to myself, why even bother? I’m not a cat person at all. I have no attraction towards them. I consider them creepy creatures. They’re lazy and care only about themselves, unlike dogs. I’m more of a dog person. But in this dream, I was dreaming of a cat, an animal that I just didn’t care for.

After a few moments of reflection, I decided to leave the cat down at the bottom of the lake, then I swam out. However, upon getting out of the lake, I couldn’t walk away from it. I became immersed with doubt. I stood there on the side of the lake wrapped in thought. I still couldn’t stop thinking about the cat. I wondered if leaving it alone was the right decision. Should I go back for it and perform CPR? How ridiculous would that be? Do I even know how to perform CPR on an animal?

It was while I was contemplating my next move that I sprung awake from my dream.




Source by Jonathan Rayson

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