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MovingDyson Vacuum Cleaner – The Best Partner for House Cleaning

October 3, 2019by was73100


Health is a major thing in our life. Without being healthy, all our activities will definitely be a mess. But sometimes without we realize, there is a lot of disease hid in our own house. In the carpet, couch, or our bed,  there is  dust,  dirt, and micro-organisms hidden from us.  Then,  without we realize, it start to lead diseases to our skin and respiratory system. Therefore, to keep our homes always clean and healthy, we will need the best home appliance to maintain it. Product from Dyson Company might be the right choice to help us.

Designed by James Dyson, Dyson vacuum cleaner has won many awards by its design and its quality. Using digital motor rather than carbon motor, makes it cleaner  light weight  and smaller. This technology also makes Dyson vacuum cleaner motor’s last much longer than any other model on the market.

Using Root Cyclone Technology system instead bag system, Dyson vacuum cleaner creates a higher level of centrifugal force than other vacuums. A whirlwind of 150.000 G centrifugal force provides the constant suction power, and other things made this vacuum cleaner different from other vacuum on the market, it is called the Dyson Ball. With using Dyson Ball, it is allows the vacuum to be maneuvered easily and accurately, rather than when we are using vacuum cleaner with four field wheel, which is create limit on it’s motion and maneuver.

There are several products we can choose from Dyson’s Company.  First is the Dyson DC14, with the Root Cyclone Technology and a high reach wand for easy extension and storage. It’s very use full for high reach cleaning and very  effective to cleaning stairs.

Next is the Dyson DC24, it is offers with the Dyson ball for heightened navigation and easy motion cleaning. The weight is very light, makes it will not became any problem to carry up and down stairs and it’s fit into compact storage places because its small size. Also using Root Cyclone Technology and the convenient wand, makes it very reversible for reaching high reach areas.

But if you want to have Dyson’s best product, you can try the Dyson DC17. It’s perform better from any other vacuum cleaner on the market, because it is equipped with Root Cyclone Technology level 3, for capturing microscopic dust and Quick Draw wand with compact extension for reaching high place and stairs.

With all these feature possessed by Dyson, it will be the best partner for us to  maintain the cleanliness and health of our homes.


Source by Alfan Nafi

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