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MovingEasy Skin Tag Removal Home Remedy

October 27, 2018by was73100

There may be several reasons as to why you want to have a skin tag removed.  It could be because you find it is in an awkward position or it is some that others can see it.  However, it doesn’t matter where on your body you have a skin tag you will still want to get it removed.  Doctors are able to remove these if you want but a lot of people feel it is much easier to deal with it themselves.  As you will soon discover there are various methods one can use at home for removing a skin tag.  So what are the best skin tag removal home remedy treatments you could use?

Below we look at just a few of the ways of removing skin tags that are used most often by people and which you could use yourself at home.

1.  Cut The Skin Tag Off – Of all the remedies we look at in this article this is the simplest.  But you need to be careful when using this method as there are some risks associated with it.  The best way to reduce such risks is to use new equipment and also before using it make sure that it has been sterilized beforehand.

Most people will use nail scissors to cut off the skin tags they have but some people find nail clippers just as effective.  Remember to sterilize the scissors or clippers after removing them from their packaging and also make sure that you snip off the skin tag as close to where the base of the stalk of it is on your body.  Plus following removal of the skin tag make sure you clean the wound thoroughly and then cover it over to prevent it from becoming infected.

2.  Freeze The Skin Tag Off – This is the way most doctors will remove skin tags for you.  However, the cost for them carrying out this procedure is quite high.  Instead there are now numerous products available through your local chemist or drug store that does the same job.  You need to be aware that using these kits to remove skin tags takes much longer than the way that the doctor does it.

3.  Stop Blood Supply To Skin Tag – Of all the options for removing skin tags that you have available to you today; this is not only effective but safe.  It requires you purchasing some dental floss or thread.  To prevent blood from entering the skin tag you take the dental floss or thread and wrap it very tightly around the base of the skin tag and tie it off.  Now all that needs to be done is let it stay in place and then over the course of a few hours or days the supply of blood to it will be stopped and eventually it will die and then fall off.

All these methods of being able to remove skin tags are very effective you need to be aware that in some…


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