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MovingEnforced Male Chastity – How to Deal With a Whining Man

November 8, 2018by was73100

What do you do if your man is locked in strict male chastity, suffering long-term orgasm denial… and he’s got to the point where he’s constantly pestering you for attention and to let him orgasm?

Enforced male chastity – the downside

Yes, this is definitely one of the downsides to male chastity. It’s annoying, to be sure, but in the interests of making the male chastity lifestyle work for you both, a little understanding goes a long way.

The first thing to understand is your man can’t help whining like this, in the same way we women can’t help being bitchy when we’re pre-menstrual or completely obsessed when we desperately want a baby.

We are slaves to our hormones, alas.

Now, this does not mean you should just give in and let him orgasm, because that not only means he’s not getting what he really wants – strict long-term orgasm denial – but it also means you’re not getting your half of the bargain, too.

And believe me, he really does want the denial. He’s begged you for it, most likely, and he’s been thinking and fantasising about it for many, many years, most likely.

So I recommend you sit him down patiently and remind him this is what he begged you for. Tell him he can stop right now if he wants to, BUT if he does, then YOU stop playing the game, too.

It’s important he realises this IS a game and a game requires at least two people to play it. More to the point, as with any rational people acting in their own self-interests, there must be quid pro quo – meaning you are both entitled to get something out of it.

What that ‘something’ might be is a matter strictly between the two of you, but it comes from the answer to the question, “what’s in it for me?”. Male chastity is a lot of hard work for a woman, and she’s entitled to her own reward.

This refusal to play is the ultimate sanction, and one of the most powerful ways to apply is it to remove his device hand him the key, and tell him he now may masturbate to orgasm – but if he does, then the game is over.

Faced with that, no man I am aware of has ever taken than option. They have always sheepishly put the device back on and handed back the key – and I have suggested this to many women by email and those who have done it tell me it’s worked like a charm.

The really important thing is NOT to get angry with him. That doesn’t help either of you and often ends up spoiling an extremely enjoyable game for no good reason.


Source by Sarah Jameson

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