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MovingEssential Cleaning Supplies: Purchases I Don't Regret!

December 12, 2018by was73100

There are not many things I will splurge on, especially when it comes to cleaning my house. I use the homemade version of most cleaners and prefer mops and brooms to fancy Swiffers, but there are a few products that I will splurge on every time. These are a few essential cleaning supplies that make cleaning my home a breeze.

The Magic Eraser

There are many products that can clean specific wall stains and many are cheaper, but the magic eraser is a one stop solution for pretty much anything on your walls. An apartment we rented had very strict rules and large fines for any wall markings. Our walls had residue from tacking up pictures as well as other various scuffs and marks. The living room wall was a mess of dark black scratches from our sofa hitting it too many times. On move out day the magic eraser took care of all of it. (And anything it couldn’t fix on the sofa wall required some serious paint.)

The Tide-To-Go Stick (or any other brand of the same thing)

You can carry it with you and it removes just about any stain because you can deal with the stain immediately, before it has dried.

The Magic Dust Cloth

An aunt gave me this dust cloth for Christmas. I dust so much more often now! It picks up the dust and holds onto it instead of just pushing it around into the air and onto the floor. You can see the dust on the cloth. Then you just put the cloth through the washing machine and the dust is gone. As a person with allergies, seeing the dust really go away makes my sinuses smile. Plus dusting’s so easy now that I don’t always wait until my weekly cleaning to deal with something dusty. The cloth is made of microfiber and many stores sell different variations of it.

The Dish Scrub Brush (with a handle)

I hate picking up a soaking wet sponge and never feel like the seemingly filthy sponges quite get my dishes clean. With the scrubbers (which you can find at dollar stores) your hands don’t get wet, you can see how dirty the scrubber you’re using is, and it is a little tougher (not abrasive though) on your dishes than a soft sponge so cleaning them is quicker and more effective.

So even though these couple of things can cost a little extra cash, I’m willing to spend it for the peace of mind I get from knowing I have products I can rely on. I know they will get the job done well and get it done the first time.


Source by Pamela Garner

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