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MovingFreezing Time Spell You Can Use Right Now

August 25, 2019by was73100


Here is a freezing time spell you can use right now. As usual, the more powerful you are, the more powerful the spell is. If you haven’t spent enough time practicing and studying, your spells won’t work. You must develop natural inner power in order for this freezing time spell to work. Learn as much as you can. If you are trying to jump in and do this spell with no experience, no work, no study, and no practice, chances are very good it will not work. You have to develop respect from the elemental spirits in order for these spells to work. You may be able to make a basic spell work, however, more advanced spells require a more advanced practitioner.

Freezing Time Spell:

Draw a Pentacle for both hands. Clear your mind of all thoughts. This is essential for any and all spells to work well. Concentration on the task at hand is essential always and always. Chant the following:

“I call forth the goddess of time.

While the time is going by.

By second, minute, hour and day.

Bring it up as I say!

Bring the time up on my mental screen,

I call forth the goddess of time,

So mote it be!”

At this point you will be able to do with time as you wish. Freeze it, speed it up, move it forward or back. Again, the key to success with this freezing time spell is your natural power and inner skill. The only way to develop this power is through practice and study. The more spells and rituals you do, and the more study you do, the more in alignment you become with the natural magical forces of the universe. Then, and only then, will you be powerful enough to cast a freezing time spell.


Source by A. Bachman

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