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MovingGarden Edging – Creating Curb Appeal

December 9, 2018by was73100

Garden Edging is an effective solution to creating quick and lasting curb appeal.  Are you getting ready to sell your house? A little garden edging goes a long way towards creating a look that will impact the visual appeal of your home.  If you are selling, your realtor has probably already told you that first impressions are lasting impressions.  What does a potential buyer see when they look at your home?  Do they see a neat, orderly, and well-maintained yard that speaks volumes about the care and quality of maintenance that has gone into the home or do they see a major project that they will need to tackle when and IF they decide to purchase your home.  

A yard that is creeping into the gardens or growing over the walkways creates a sloppy and unkempt appearance and gives an immediate impression to a potential buyer that your home is not being maintained. Overgrown trees and bushes, lots of weeds, or excessive overcrowding say to a buyer that the home has not been taken care of for a long time.  If you are selling your home, that last thing that you want to do is give a potential buyer the impression that the home is not well-maintained  or properly cared for.  Creating that impression   costs  you money, because it takes longer for your  house  to sell and you will not be offered what you would have been if the buyer had a better first impression of your home.  

The investment that you make in Garden Edging can have big returns resulting in a quicker sale and for more money.  Sales people will tell you that the key to phenomenal sales results are getting the potential buyer to say yes as often as possible.  Most buyers have made a preliminary decision before they even enter the house.  If the first thing that a buyer sees – your front lawn – is a “Wow”.  The potential buyer is already softer and more willing to say yes to the rest of the house.  Remember, what they just saw is what their friends and family will see they want to impress them. 

Garden Edging creates a clean line between your gardens and lawn giving an immediate boost to the visual aspects of your home.  Clean out the weeds and add some mulch, peat moss or other garden cover and you have increased the curb appeal and the potential buyer’s perceived value of your home.  If you want to make a slightly more elegant appearance without adding a bunch of cost put in a double layer of Garden Edging separated by 4-10 inches, dependent upon the size of your garden.  Place some landscaping fabric or heavy gauge…


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