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MovingGenital Skin Tag Removal

September 17, 2018by was73100


Genital skin tags are discomforting. People are too afraid to be seen by their partners as having genital tags. This is because of the common perception that you are cheating your partner. The reason for this is that tags especially those appearing in the genitals may be perceived as warts.

Warts are common among people who have multiple partners and thus it send a wrong message. If you are, however, unsure if the small growth in your genitals is a tag then you may want to visit your doctor and have your tag removed and sent for biopsy. Biopsy will define the problem that is related to your tag.

Even if you are not suspecting any problem with your skin tag but the mere unsightly appearance is discomforting to you, it may help to know that genital tag removals are available.

There are several ways to remove genital tags. We will discuss some of these genital tag removals here.

Medical procedure

Genital tags are easily removed by cryosurgery. Cryosurgery is done by freezing the tag. It will be removed easily once frozen. You may feel some discomfort but after a few minutes, you will be clear of your genital tag.

This procedure can be done in the clinic of your doctor and thus, there is no need for hospitalization. You will be back in your usual activities soon enough.

Another genital skin tag removal would be to cut off the tag. This procedure is known as incision. Your doctor will give you local anesthesia to manage the pain from cutting off your genital tag. It will bleed a little but bleeding usually stops soon.

Home remedy for genital tag.

Incision or ligation may also be done at home. This is the best way to remove genital skin tags. It is because people who are self-conscious do not want to go to the doctor to have their genital skin tags removed.

Home remedy for genital tags is incision. This is because it is a quick fix and that in no time, you will be without genital skin tags. You can perform incision by cutting off the tag with scissors or nail clippers. You may need to sterilize the scissors or nail clipper to make sure that you will not subject your skin to infection.

You may also use the ligation process as genital skin tag removal. You will need to stop the blood supply to the tag. You can do this by tying a thread or dental floss in the base of the tag. After several days, the tag will fall on its own. This is not a quick fix but it is not painful and will have no bleeding.

Genital tag removals through natural procedure are also available. However, natural process using essential oils, toothpaste and nail…


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