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MovingGetting Dust Out of the Air Helps Everyone Breath Better

September 12, 2018by was73100

Woodworking shops, both commercial and for home use, have dust collection systems that are used to collect things like wood chips, wood dust and shavings. They are essential for the free breathing ability while working in a woodworking shop, and having the ability for quick clean up. They have a simple working order, and many benefits that make them a priority in every wood shop.

The first and most important reason behind why a person needs to have a dust collection systems installed in their woodworking shop is for the fear of respiratory illness. There are also incidences when the texture of wood chips and dust on the skin can cause skin irritation problems. With the respiratory infections and skin infections, it’s a health issue to make sure a collection system is not only installed, but in top working order. These systems work on a very simple procedure of a fixed motor which will create the suction which are broken up through out the room with a variety of grids and ducts and hoses. Some larger areas have the suction utilized even further through the assistance of blast gates. Another great reason why every woodworking shop should have one is just the quality of work that can and will be produced. No one can see clearly through a cloud of anything, so removing the haze of a wood dust storm will allow the woodworker to produce even more detail oriented work.

When selecting the dust collection systems that will be used in the woodworking shop, there are a few things to look for and ensure for proper working order. All of the pipes and fittings that are used for these collection systems should be made out of galvanized metal, since plastic will produce static electricity and black iron will rust. One always wants to ensure airtight seams so that there is no seepage of air or pressure through out the system. There is also a flex hose which is used in the system, and that should have some sort of wire or other reinforcement so it can handle the pressure of the vacuum. No one wants their flex hose to collapse. In larger spaces, the collection system may be part of an even larger air quality system, so all compatibility should be checked and updated accordingly.

With proper set up and the time to keep it all clean, dust collection systems are a life saver in woodworking shops. No worker wants to experience health problems from their hobby, or their job so ensuring a clean breathing environment is essential. Find a system that not only works for the space of the room, but the air quality system already in place and…


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