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MovingGevalia Specials – European Coffeehouse Collection

September 7, 2018by was73100


Europe is home to world class coffee houses built centuries ago. The structures may have aged and some were even destroyed because of civilization and other natural phenomenon, but the delight and pleasure that the products of these coffee houses offer continue to linger in the hearts and taste of many coffee lovers all through out the world. Proud Gevalia coffee makers incessantly help bring back the spirit and flavor of the undying memories of four of these coffee houses.

Leading the established names is Antico Caffe Greco in Rome. Built in 1760, the reputable coffee house was the favorite hangout of legends in entertainment, politics, commerce, and other individuals that helped shaped the coffee house’s name. It became of one the grounds were heroes in various fields made their moments. The place is now a landmark in Italy where writers, artist, and politicians take there time to relax and share their thoughts.

The character and taste of coffee at Antico Caffe Greco is brought to everyone’s pleasure through Gevalia’s European Coffeehouse collection. You do not have to visit the place to taste the promise it offers, but just take a sip of Gevalia products and the rest will be history. Personas like Rossini, Mendelssohn, Stendhal, Franz Liszt, Berloiz, and Felix Mendelssohn were few of those who made the coffeehouse a pride.

Aside from Rome’s Antico Caffe Greco, Gevalia European Coffeehouse collection is composed of other renowned coffee houses such as Cafe De Oriente in Madrid, Cafe De Procope in Paris, and Cafe Sperl in Venice. Each of these names has proved the worthiness of their reputation through the drinks they serve ever since they were established. Packing all these four European spirits can definitely bring you back in time.


Source by David L. Felts

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