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MovingGlass Fencing: A Great Way To Protect Your Swimming Pool

August 24, 2019by was73100


Do you want to keep your pool are safe and secure? Houses that have great swimming pools often have to deal with the problem of constantly making sure that their pool are is safe. And this does not only mean making it more conducive for swimming but also making sure that unwanted accidents do not happen like people falling over in the pool or animals going near the pool. If any of these have become a problem for you, then perhaps you may want to consider using glass fencing. Why use glass fencing? You very well know that your pool area will be constantly wet and moist especially if people regularly swim in it and using any other form of fencing material apart from glass is not conducive. Using wood for instance may not be ideal as this kind of material rot easily especially with the presence of moisture. Using slabs of rock on the other hand may be aesthetically pleasing as it can work as a decorative piece but it is not highly recommended as well. Rocks have the tendency to develop molds which makes them slippery and harder to clean. Good thing that nowadays, outdoor space designers and landscape artists thought of using glass pool fencing.

This type of material is the most durable as it does not rot despite the high moisture in the surrounding. At the same time, swimming pool glass fencing also helps create a more forward and elegant look to your pool area. Are there different types of glass fencing? If you are interested in using glass fence for your outdoor space, then it would be very helpful to know its different types. Basically, it comes in framed, semi-framed, and frameless glass fence. Framed glass fence have metal frames surrounding the glass material as well as metal posts in between. Semi-framed do not have metal frames all around the glass material but it still utilize metal posts for installation. Fully frameless glass fencing on the other hand does not have any other material besides the glass and a few metal bolts to aid in the installation. It isn’t that difficult to decide on which type to use as each of them will definitely look great around your swimming pool. But what you need to consider is the maintenance that it requires. Frameless glass fences are the popular type these days as it requires less polishing and easy cleaning because it has less or no metal materials. How to install glass fencing? Installation of glass fences is no difficult then with other fencing materials. You simply need to take note of the same tips like:

  • Considering the space in which you will install the fence. You need to measure it thoroughly and be precise with the measurements so that you’ll be able to install the right size of glass fence.
  • It will be great to make a chalk line of where you want to install your fence so that you will be accurate with the installation.
  • Be careful when drilling the spigot which will serve as the posts for the glass fences. Just remember to keep the glass panels on a safe spot while drilling so that they wont be damaged.
  • Carefully place the panels on to the spigot and use some adhesive to have them stand in place. Normally, installation instructions are included once you buy the fencing materials so just make sure that you follow them to the letter.


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