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MovingHelp! My Dog Is In Heat!

December 24, 2018by was73100

Breeding dogs should be left up to responsible, experienced breeders. Responsible dog owners agree, and do the right thing; they neuter and/or spay their pets.

Yet, there are countless uninformed dog owners, who contribute to the problem of canine over population, using the plea they really want to, but just can’t afford to neuter or spay their dog. Poppycock! There are plenty of low-cost and even free services, if you just make the effort to look for them.

Be aware, pyometria, the disease of a ruptured, enlarged uterus, can be fatal to your intact female!

And, there are equally as many who believe there is no other dog in this whole, wide world as exceptional as theirs. To their unusual way of thinking, selling their dog’s offspring is an enormous gift to the world, because they are passing on those extraordinary genes, not to mention it’s a fantastic way to make a few bucks on the side!

A female dog is ironically known as a dam. A dam in heat, is no dam fun to live with! If you have two intact dams, you’ve just doubled the dam fun, as nature has a weird sense of humor. Dams synchronize their cycles! Oh joy!

On the average, each heat cycles lasts two – three weeks. The peak breeding period is normally between days 12-18. But, don’t be bamboozled… they can remain at risk until the last day, if there is a happy, healthy egg or three!

During this time, much to your surprise, your as-a-rule innocent, modest mutt, has morphed into a flaming, femme fatale. She’s quite engaged, socially scent networking with every mesmerized male, within a three-mile radius. Keep in mind, everywhere she goes, she’s leaving a scratch & sniff business card. That includes car rides! Every intact male dog in that vicinity, knows little Lolita is looking for romance and action!

Who needs Facebook? She may as well own stock in a billboard company!

What’s Going On?

A female puppy could go into her first heat cycle between the ages of four months to one year of age. Typically, it’s around six months old.

Signs you need to watch for are: teats swelling, spots of blood, discharge changing from vivid red to yellow, a distinct unpleasant odor from the discharge, her vulva will swell to three times its normal size, and she will begin flagging,” which means she will hold her tail to the side, signaling to you that your leg is quite inviting. In fact, the most disturbing part for most dog owners are all those heavily, panting, immensely single-minded pack of male dogs that are climbing over the fence, surrounding the house, peeking through windows and bivouacking at the front door!

Note: Puppies are born 63 days after ovulation, not breeding!

What You Can Do To Help Things Chill Out

There are a few suggestions to help calm that “be fruitful and multiply” drive. They include:

1. Keep your dam dog in the house, with the windows closed!

2. Keep your dam dog clean… frequent bathing of the south-end can help, remove the blood and odor of the discharge.

3. Mask the discharge odor. There are products you can find in pet stores that make your dam dog smell as if she has already been bred. This takes the wind out of those intact males sails!

4. Pet pampers! You can find doggie diapers for dogs of all sizes! They not only help contain the odor, they help prevent staining of carpets and furniture.

5. Keep your dam dog busy… play with her, inside the house! An exhausted dog isn’t as interested in amore.

6. Massage… one for yourself, and one for your dog. Relaxation is a great tranquilizer!

Bottom line: First and foremost, the responsible thing to do is to neuter and spay our pets! There are more than enough puppies and dogs, in the world, to go around… a dozen times! Yours isn’t that extraordinary… for the sake of you dog’s potentially unwanted offspring, get your pet neutered or spayed!

Source by Karen Soukiasian

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