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MovingHere is Why You Should Consider Laser Hair Removal at Home

November 8, 2018by was73100


Why pay thousands of dollars to technician or dermatologist when you can use your own at home laser hair removal system? Many women, even those with decent incomes, are now opting for laser hair removal at home. Should you also shift to an at home laser hair removal system and save thousands of dollars?

The removal of unwanted hair by common methods like shaving, depilatories or waxing can be very messy, time-consuming, and in most cases painful too. What’s worse is that these are temporary hair reduction solutions and let us not forget hair that grows back is a lot thicker with these other methods! It is ridiculous to see women pay for these temporary methods year after year not realizing how big an amount these not-so-small payments accumulate to. When you weigh up the total time and cost of these methods against an at home laser system, you will realize that an at home system has a clear advantage. Not only is it going to save you a lot of time in the long run but also its cost is only a fraction of what you would otherwise pay for years of temporary relief.

There is something priceless that laser hair removal at home can offer you – privacy! Research has shown that a large number of those considering laser treatment at a clinic are not comfortable with the level of privacy which a visit to the technician offers and of course that is completely understandable. Especially when we are talking about intimate parts of the body, there are some things which we just want to keep private! With at home laser treatment, you carry out the whole procedure yourself and privacy is guaranteed.

Bear in mind that the at home method does have certain drawbacks that need to be considered. For safety reasons, the laser used in a home system is not as powerful as the laser used at clinics. So although you can have your laser hair removal done at home effectively, it is going to take a few more treatments than it would take a technician.

The second problem is that an at home laser hair removal system is not advisable for certain skin types or hair colors. At home systems are typically only suited to light skin and dark hair. In any case, you should always carry out a patch test. If there are no reactions, you are well set to save yourself thousands of dollars needed for a course of appointments at a clinic.

It is advisable that you do thorough research when choosing an at home laser hair system. With so many unheard of brands hitting the market, you will want to go with a tried and tested model.


Source by Michelle Atkins

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