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MovingHigh Housing Cost Getting You Down – An Eco-Friendly Log Home Is Much Cheaper

October 13, 2018by was73100

With the high cost of purchasing a traditional home skyrocketing out of control, many people are now searching for ways to build their homes more cost effectively. One such economical way to tackle the housing problem is to use logs to construct cheaper homes.

Not surprisingly, the construction of log cabins goes back to centuries ago when buffaloes and cowboys roam the western plains. In those days, these were seen as attractive eco-friendly homes that were a staple in many USA states such as Montana and Arizona. Although Finland is the innovative leader in log cabin designs and techniques other places such as South Korea, Holland, and Japan boasts an interesting mixed of log houses.

Log houses add beauty to the natural habitat and enhance the scenic beauty of the land. These homes are more flexible for construction because they are made from trees. Most importantly, homes constructed with these materials are made with manufactured, handcrafted or milled logs.

Home improvement on these eco-friendly homes is usually less expensive than traditional brick and mortar homes. The natural beauty that it adds to the landscape has seen a rise in log cabin constructions.

To those who are not familiar with log cabins they will see these homes as stacks of wood placed together to create log walls; however, the avid log cabin lover will see a lot more variation such as the style and cut of the wood.

The most popular style is the D-log which has a flat side that is usually placed inside the home. This unique D-shaped log is made by milling in a uniform pattern that runs down the length of the log. The double D log commonly known as the round on round style is popularly used in Swedish Cope logs, groove stack and double tongue styles. Another common choice is the Square log; this is popular in log cabins found in New England, USA.

Another well-known style is the Appalachian style also known as square beam hand hewn log. A hand-crafted log house is done completely by hand, there is no machine used for styling the wood. However, a Mattock which is an antique tool can be used to smooth out the uneven ridges and a Ban saw for squaring the log.

Most log cabins boast a rustic exterior with scars and knots from the tree it used to be, some may even appear beaten down by harsh weather, but by using high-quality sealants the log cabin owner can sustain the original colors of the wood as well as help to enhance the scenic beauty that surrounds his eco-friendly log home.


Source by Bobbie N. Foster

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