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MovingHome Remedies for Hemorrhoids – Effective Hemorrhoids Home Treatments

February 7, 2019by was73100


Hemorrhoids are nothing more than just a nuisance to the sufferers. Home remedies for hemorrhoids are available to treat most people and in fact 6 percent of the population has them. This malady is not dangerous and not life-threatening so what you need to do is simply to take simple home treatment to alleviate the problem.

Hemorrhoids are of two types: internal and external. The internal type can remain inside the rectum or if they protrude out of the anus, they will retract on their own or just need the use of a finger to do so. The external and the prolapsed type are the fourth-degree hemorrhoids that need to be physically removed. However, we can solve the problems by using home remedies for hemorrhoids without resorting to surgery or other medical interventions.

1. You can use the sitz bath to treat whatever type of hemorrhoids. The warm sitz bath can make use of a basin where you can soak your buttock inside for a few time s daily for about 15 minutes each time. Most baths can include Epsom salts, herbal salts or just baking soda in them. The hemorrhoids will shrink and there will be no pain after a time.

2. You can take the mangosteen juice twice daily. This contains many minerals in it and has been proven to have the anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties. Most mothers have been using this juice during pregnancy to combat hemorrhoids.

3. Horse chestnut. This herb has been used to increase the blood circulation. Hemorrhoids are really like varicose veins and as such this herb fits nicely in treating hemorrhoids. Some herbalists use the preparation to also treat edema and swelling, and as an astringent and this forms part of the home remedies for hemorrhoids.

4. You can avoid constipation by ensuring that your diet consists of plenty of fibers. Fibers are found in abundance in fruits and vegetables. However you should not take foods like meat, eggs, cheese, wheat and refined grains as these can all be constipating. You can also make the stools softer by including whole grains like rice and oats in the meal. These fibers will provide watery bulk to the intestinal tract thereby ensuring softer stools on defecation.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids are many and varied and the above are some of the known steps that have been found to be very efficient in eliminating hemorrhoids. These remedies are not only cheap, they are also safe to use and very effective as hemorrhoids home treatments.


Source by Mohamad Ali

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