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MovingHouse Maintenance Is A Pain Unless You Use Handyman Services

September 6, 2019by was73100


Most people live extremely busy lives. Up early, get the kids ready for school, Make Breakfast and packed lunches, clear up, dash out to get the kids to school, leave for work, have a full day, work late or brave the rush hour (one of you has to get the kids from school, or be home in time to supervise their homework and see they don’t cause too much mayhem).

Home at last! Time to have a quick cup of tea before giving the kids some attention, eating supper, clearing up, putting them to bed and, at last, a chance to sit down and chat to your partner, watch a bit of TV and kick back. The chances are you fall asleep right there and have to drag yourself up to go to bed.

And then the next day it is the same. Come Saturday and the kids have got some sports events on, then one needs to do a weekly shop and before you know it Saturday is gone and you sleep as late as you can on Sunday as it is the only day (well half a day) left for yourself.

In all of this busy life the last thing you have time or energy for is tackling the chores, but they have to get done nonetheless. Clothes need washing, the house needs a hoovering, kids stuff needs to be put away. When does one have time for oneself? There is no time.

But on top of all that most houses in London were built ages ago and were certainly not built maintenance free. A never ending list of small repair jobs start mounting up. A tile has fallen off in the bathroom, the toilet cistern is always overflowing, there is a curtain rail that is loose, there is a wall needing painting, the drain is smelling and, and and….. Aaargh!!!!

The drain needs a plumber, the bathroom needs a tiler, the house needs a painter, there is work for the electrician as well as a builder. Have you ever heard the song;”The gasman cometh” If not look it up on YouTube. Monday the Gasman, Tuesday the carpenter, Wednesday the Glazier etc…. The merest thought of calling out all these various artisans with their call out fees and exorbitant charges is enough to put you into bankruptcy court.

The above situation is even worse if you are a Landlord who has a number of properties under tenancy agreements. Landlords are responsible for the maintenance of their property, so when a wasp nest grows outside a bedroom window, the landlord has to deal with it, when there is a dripping tap or a broken window pane it is up to the landlord to get it mended.

Well relax! There is a smart solution in using some multi-skilled handymen who cover all the normal small household repairs at a reasonable rate and, provided the call out is made by appointment and is not urgent does not involve expensive callout fees. Handyman services cover all parts of London on motorbikes and so can do most of the small jobs either individually or once you have 4 or five little things that need doing which together will warrant a repairman calling.


Source by Jill Kingsley Lester

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