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MovingHouse Raising and Affordable Restumping

August 31, 2018by was73100

House raising and restumping is serious work. Houses, buildings and other structures that need to be raised a bit higher should be done by restumping specialists. Never have someone raise your home or other structure that has never done it before. House raising and restumping should always be done by restumping specialists because serious damage may occur while the house is being lifted.

Affordable restumping is very important because once the home is where it needs to be, the real construction has just begun you’re going to want to save as much money as you can. Choosing the right contractor is an important decision. You need to choose an experienced restumping specialist who can safely lift your home and restump it.

If there’s one thing you can do without while house raising and restumping is having someone who does not have the experience or “know how”. To lift such a valuable commodity, as your precious home, it is highly recommended to hire experience house stumping specialists.

Support Beams and Posts

A major concern that most homeowners aren’t aware of when house stumping, is the proper procedure when securing the home to the main support beams. Periodically checking in on the work being done to your home is recommended. If there is something you want to know – just ask. Remember, it’s your house; it’s your money and it’s your right to know. Make sure that all work is guaranteed for as long as you own your home, because you don’t want to experience if your home suddenly collapsed in on itself.

If steel beams are used, make sure the welding is of top quality with good craftsmanship. Although it’s not uncommon, but sometimes the less experienced will weld the steel beams under the supervision of a qualified, more experienced welder. This is accepted and understandable because they have to gain the experience to eventually weld on their own.

After the steel beams are in place, it would be a good idea to have the work inspected by a qualified home inspector. To be sure you get a proper inspection make sure the inspector is not affiliated with the company that is doing the work. Keep note that the work done is only as good as the crew doing it.

When using wooden beams, all material should be new. Never use old material to do new construction. Using old material could cause other material to bow and bend which could lead to creaky floor boards.

Use Care when Underneath the Home

When working underneath the home be sure not to pull Internet and electrical wires. Always be sure to have a fan that is able to circulate the…


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