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MovingHousehold Remedies for Removing Black Mold

September 30, 2019by was73100


People often think that black mold only develops in dirty and unhygienic environments, but this is not the case. Black mold can and has been found throughout thousands of households throughout the US – no place is immune from this fungus.

Black mold grows in environments where there is little or no sunlight, no circulating air, and plenty of excess moisture. Places like this can often be found in cupboards, under sinks, in dry walls or around wood work, and cracked or leaking pipes are often the culprits of the excess moisture. Once black mold has found a place like this to grow, it will, and it will continue to spread throughout your home until you get rid of it once and for good.

It is particularly important to act quickly when removing black mold, because it’s poisonous; and although it doesn’t pose any real serious threat to individuals with a healthy, strong immune system, it can be very serious, and even life-threatening to people with weak immune systems. For example, people who suffer with HIV, people with transplants, or people who need to use immune-suppressant drugs and of course, young children and the elderly are highly at risk too. Due to the risks involved, it’s essential to remove the mold as soon possible after detection.

It is always best to consult a professional mold remediation service to deal with removing black mold from around your home, because it is a highly toxic fungus. But, if you are confident, and you take due care and caution during the mold removal process, you can successfully do the job yourself at home without having to spend money on hiring a mold removal professional.

If you do want to try removing the black mold yourself, then you can do it with a few items that are often found in most households. One of the best ways to clean black mold from your home is to use chlorine bleach – something that most people will have under the kitchen sink (hopefully there is no mold under there too). To perform the removal with chlorine bleach, follow these simple steps.

Firstly you need to ensure you have a protective mask to stop you inhaling any spores that may rise during the removal, and a pair of protective gloves to protect your hands from the chemical cleaner that you will be using. Secondly, you need to dampen the mold on the affected area, this will prevent many of the spores from rising up as you scrub the area clean (if the mold is dry when you start scrubbing, it flakes away much like dust and disperses into the air, by making it damp before you start, you eliminate this extra dispersion of the spores), then use soap and a hard brush to scrub the area clear of black mold. Once the entire mold growth is removed, wash the area clean with water, and then finally give it a thorough clean and disinfect the area with your chlorine bleach solution.

Once cleaned, make sure you fully dry the area and then leave the room to air out for a few hours. If all went well, removing the black mold was a success and you now have a mold free household once again.


Source by Nathan D Rossiter

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