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MovingHow Do I Clean My Carpet Without Endangering My Health?

January 22, 2019by was73100

Has piles of dirt and debris piled on your carpet leaving it far from the brand new clean carpet you originally bought? Do you want to clean your carpet but are unsure how to accomplish such a feat, without the use of dangerous chemicals that put your health in danger?

The solution to your dilemma is the HOST dry cleaning carpet system. The HOST system effectively cleans your carpet without doing any harm to your health or the environment. I will highlight some of the key queries that arise when discussing dry carpet cleaning.

First Off, What is HOST Carpet Cleaning Compound? HOST is a non-toxic dry-cleaning extraction carpet cleaner that is capable of effectively cleaning your carpeting while being “Green” at the same time.

Ok, does it use any chemicals that can potentially harm my health? Many carpet cleaners use dangerous chemicals such as perchloroethylene or chlorinated hydrocarbon in order to clean your carpets. These chemicals may help to clean your carpets but harm your health at the same time. HOST does not use such harmful chemicals, helping to protect your health while effectively cleaning your carpets.

What are the dangers of this carpet cleaning system if my pet or child swallows it, will I have to consult a doctor? The HOST carpet cleaning system is non-toxic and therefore not dangerous even if accidentally swallowed. With the HOST carpet-cleaning system, there is no reason to panic if the material is accidentally ingested. Unlike other carpet cleaners, if you accidentally ingestion HOST you do not have to be rushed visit to the doctor. You can rest assured your carpets are NOT cleaned with a cleaner heavily saturated with chemicals and other harmful substances, so you children can roll, crawl and have fun without any need for you to worry.

What about steaming isn’t that an effective way to clean my carpet, what advantages does HOST have over a method such as steaming? Steaming provides non-toxic cleaning but it also uses a great deal of water. If only ten households switched from steaming carpet cleaning to HOST carpet cleaning a staggering 500 gallons of water could be saved, HOST is a much better option for the environment. The HOST cleaning system is comprised entirely of renewable resources, so you can be assured that you are both helping the environment and saving on your water bill.

So a major difference is that it is “Green.” Are there any other differences? Yes, because HOST is a dry cleaning compound your carpets will not be wet for a long time and your carpet can be used right after using the compound. You will also see less mold and mildew growing in your house because there is no moisture that stays in the carpet to stimulate such growth.

The HOST Dry Cleaning System is much more effective and safer in comparison to other carpet cleaners. With the information provided you should be prepared for exploring the carpet-cleaning world.

Source by Kristina N Brown

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