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MovingHow No No Hair Removal Works

July 29, 2019by was73100


In order for hair to be thoroughly removed by the No No Hair Remover, it has to undergo the processes of the specific removal system the device brings. As one might know, the device uses the patented Thermicon technology which was made by Radiance Smart Skin Solutions. What is the patented Thermicon technology exactly?

As opposed to other methods of hair removal where mechanical power is used, the new Thermicon technology promises the same effects by utilizing heat. The mechanism basically involves heat transference from the device into the hairs to remove them along the process. This means that the hairs are removed with the simple glide of the device on the skin.

Specifically, there are three processes by which the hairs undergo with the use of the No No Hair Remover. First, there’s the ‘First Contact’ stage. This is basically the most potent process and where the hair is still having the heat distributed down down the hair root. It is good to note that during this process, surface hair is completely removed.

The second process is known as the ‘Crystallization’ process. During this time, the heat signal has now fully traveled down the hair roots to crystallize the upper portion of the hair found in the hair follicles. This may leave a coarse residue on the skin. But with the use of the inclusive buffing pad that comes with the purchase of the No No Hair remover, these crystallized hair are easily ridden.

The last process is known as the ‘Disruption’ stage. This is where the heat signals disrupts the innermost part of the hair follicle which is responsible for hair regrowth. With this process, hair regrowth is stunted to a degree, making the use of the product become more seldom after every use.

The No No Hair Remover is a good alternative to other hair removal methods which could be painful and inconvenient to some degree. In fact, the manufacturers of the device claim that it can lead to laser-like effects. Many reviews can be seen on YouTube and other sites to mark the effectiveness of the product, although there may also be disclaimers spread. The No No Hair Remover with its remarkable technology and convenient process of usage is quite appealing to audiences especially that a newer version of the device has been manufactured. It is smaller and can be applied on the face, unlike its previous counterpart.


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