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MovingHow to Choose a Home Carpet Cleaner – Don’t Get Sucked Into Marketing Strategies

October 8, 2019by was73100


Cleaning carpets is part of any homeowners list of things to do. You can make life easier by using the best equipment for the job and that’s why knowing which home carpet cleaner is the best for your situation is important. So many new products are being released and the competition is fierce. This means that a lot of new machines, that are more expensive than the older models have gadgets that will do all this fancy stuff, but are really not that necessary!

All of us have different circumstances at home. Some of us have wall to wall carpeting, others have double story homes, some people have pets living inside, and others have pets and kids and a lot more traffic passing through the house. We are not all going to need the same carpet cleaner machine.

So before you just go and buy the latest and the greatest machine, think about your needs and how much cleaning you need to do. What is going to do the best job for you in your situation?

Then choose machines based on those needs.

Next spend a bit of time reading reviews on the particular machines. Amazon is a great place to do that and people give away a lot of important information about niggly little problems they had with the carpet cleaner machines.

The internet is a great way to search out and compare products and a great way to find deals to. I always have enjoyed being able to see the product and touch it but am slowly weaning myself off that habit – especially when I don’t live anywhere near the shop that supplies the product I need.

So to get back to carpet cleaners, there are a couple of categories and we will list them below. From there you can go on to review the products and choose the one that is going to be the best for you.

1. Wet/dry cleaner

2. Upright cleaner

3. Portable carpet cleaner (usually cordless)

4. Canister style carpet cleaner

If you really need to do a massive cleanup then it might be wise to consider professional carpet cleaning service or even to rent industrial carpet cleaning equipment. This will be a huge time saver, although you will be paying for this type of service.


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