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MovingHow to Choose the Right Litter Pan

January 26, 2019by was73100


Just like human, house pet cats actually really need the finest cat litter pans. Our cat friends is complex to satisfy about this subject. This is absolutely the reason why pet owners, like you need to be certain the litter box you have for your lovable cat is suitable for your cat’s likings but, of course, pet owners must also take into account their own ease when buying them. As you buy cat litter boxes, owners must look at how much they can and are wanting to shell out and how hassle-free these litter pans are to clean.

Deciding on the perfect cat box can be advantageous to both of you, being the cat owner, and also your cat’s health. Primary consideration for selection is your cat’s coziness. It should also be pleasant to him. Following are guidelines on how to choose your pet’s litter pan/s.

Depth and Size of the Litter Pans

It is suitable for cats to have individual litter pans for hygienic purposes but in instances where this is not possible due to funds limitations, there are pet owners who invest in the big pans for two or more pets. For kittens, shallow cat boxes, no more than three inches deep are advised. There are also pans that are six inches deep for adult cats. It is imperative to know that the prescribed area of the litter box is at least 24 inches in length or width.

Safe Material for Your Pet

Heavy and durable plastic is the most suitable material for your cat boxes. Aside from being inexpensive, it is also easy to clean. This type of litter pan is readily available so it shouldn’t be a problem having one for your pet.

Ease of Cleaning

Basic flat boxes are not difficult to clean because of their simple design. No need to remove any lids or covers to scoop or clean. However, some cats oftentimes kick litter out of the box. If this happens, you must have a whisk broom and a dust pan handy.

Covered boxes do minimize the problem of having cat litter and waste scattered outside the box since they have hoods, which keep all the litter inside. However, covered boxes also are likely to become stinky because of poor ventilation.

It may truly be tough looking for the appropriate cat litter box for your pet as it does require experimentation on the part of the owner. You should not force your cat to use a pan that is neither comfortable nor desirable to him/her. It will cause unnecessary stress. Instead, give it time. Careful selection at all times pays off and you will soon discover that your pet is not only comfortable but happy as well.


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