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MovingHow to Clean Silver with Common Kitchen Items

December 11, 2018by was73100


Although it is very common for people to buy chemical silver tarnish removers and jewelers cloths to polish silver jewelry to a sparkling shine, it is possible to achieve similar results with just a few inexpensive items found in almost every kitchen. With a glass bowl, some baking soda, some aluminum foil and boiling water, you can have your silver shining again in under 20 minutes.

The following are the simple steps to shiny silver:

  1. To begin, place a layer of aluminum foil on the bottom of a glass bowl or container.
  2. Place the silver item on top of the foil.
  3. Spread out a large spoonful of baking soda over top of the jewelry and foil.
  4. Boil water.
  5. Pour boiling hot water into the bowl until it covers both the foil and your silver item.
  6. Wait 10 – 15 minutes.
  7. Remove your item and rinse in cold water.
  8. Allow your jewelry to dry without using a towel, as this can leave tiny scratches that cause silver to lose its luster.
  9. Enjoy your shiny jewelry.

This method of cleaning silver jewelry has been used by many for a long time. This method is also good for those with sensitive skin that may react to the chemicals found in silver polish.

One thing to note is to ensure you rinse your jewelry well in step 7, otherwise, the baking soda may leave a powdery residue. I hope you enjoy this simple, affordable and environmentally friendly way to clean your silver jewelry. Best of luck.


Source by Rob Ross

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