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MovingHow to Convince Your Husband it is Time For Another Dog

July 18, 2019by was73100


When I told my husband I wanted another dog, he was not into it. His big question was ‘why’ followed by ‘we don’t need one.’ Of course then he continued with the questions about who was going to take care of it, who would train it, we are too busy and won’t have time. All this was then wrapped into the “Don’t do it Sarah!”

Well, I needed to figure out how to convince him. The first thing was to get the house in order. If I wanted a puppy, I needed to make sure I could show my husband our house was puppy ready. I started organizing those ‘rainy day’ piles, and straightening up various rooms in my house. My children’s rooms are now more organized and there are no toys in reach for a puppy to chew or become hurt on.

Next, I focused on our current dog. I convinced him that when we are away from the house, the dog gets lonely. With another dog, they will keep each other company. When we are home, a new puppy will occupy our dog while we are taking care of household chores and they won’t be begging us for all of our undivided attention.

You have to be prepared for what you will do with your puppy if you go out of town. Plan ahead, make sure you have a back-up plan, so when he asks “what are you going to do with it when we go out of town?” you can respond with “my mother/friend is going to take her.”

Begin to be more diligent in cleaning up after your current pets. Sweep around the food bowl areas daily. Venture outside and “scoop poop” more diligently. Not only will this make your husband happy that he isn’t mulching poop with his mower, it will convince him how serious you are about wanting a new puppy.

Also focus on your kids, get their buy-in and commitment to take responsibility to help training and caring for the puppy. Work the angle that it will help the kids learn more responsibility and take ownership for raising a new baby!

Last but not least, increase the attention you are paying to your husband! You need to assure him that he is not going to take the back seat to a dog!

I found that in the end all of this worked with the help of a “Pretty Please!”


Source by Sarah L. Morrison

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