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MovingHow To Keep House Siding In Shape

September 2, 2019by was73100


Siding on your home is intended to not only frame your home and give it a finished feel, but it also serves a functional purpose. Your siding, no matter which kind you choose, acts as yet another layer between your home and the outside world, which is full of elements that you want to keep out, be it moisture, cold wind, or insects of any sort. That is why proper maintenance of your siding is key and, believe it our not, this means taking care of the plants and trees you have around your home perimeter.

Vines and other creeping plants are a typically culprit in this argument, leading to a lot of backlash from home’s sidings woes. Whether they were originally planted close to the house or they just migrated that way, vines have a way of attracting themselves to homes. The problem lies in this close proximity as vines try to interweave themselves up behind your siding. This creates a barrier of air between your siding and the rest of the structure which can allow for extra nuisances, such as moisture and mold, to creep in more easily. Trees with strong roots can pose this same problem, affecting both the foundation of your home and the siding if it emerges from the ground and gravitate towards your home’s siding.

To combat this common occurrence, carefully consider both the type of vine or tree you want to plant and its location. Planting a creeping vine near a fence instead of your house can be just as nice of an addition without the potential damage to the siding or foundation. If you already have a vine or tree in place causing such havoc, stay on top of its pruning to help alleviate some of the stresses it is putting on your home’s structure. You can do this by trimming back branches or offshoots that get too close to the house or even building a bit of a barrier to help prevent it from creeping.

The bottom line is that every home loves a garden, but not all gardens are created equal. Take care to keep an eye on your garden’s activity to ensure your siding and foundation don’t take a hit because of some simple, overlooked garden care. Because after all, tending to your garden a bit each week is much less time involved and cost prohibitive than replacing panels of siding or worse, like treating water damage or termite damage.


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