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MovingHow to Liven Up Your Backyard Decor!

June 11, 2019by was73100


For the last few years my wife and I have enjoyed spending our free time in our backyard, we have a deck, a patio, and an in-ground pool, it’s wonderful! Yet the rest of our yard just seemed to be kind of dull. We planted flowers and flowering bushes, which brought our yard some color, but they only gave the yard that pizazz we were looking for for a short period time, we were missing something.

There are quite a few ways to begin decorating in your backyard, a great way to begin adding some depth to it is to draw live birds into your yard. My wife and I have enjoyed watching the various birds that are indigenous to our local, so one day we jumped onto the internet to see what we could do to draw them into our backyard on a daily basis. We learned that providing a place for the birds to rest, bath and feed were great ways to draw them into our yard.

Feeders were our main focus on how to initially draw the birds into the yard, after all, a birds gotta eat right? We learned that different birds have different eating habits as well. Robins prefer open areas to feed, where as smaller birds like the sparrow enjoy feedings they can perch on, and hummingbirds can be drawn in with a simple sugar and water mixture you can make at home (1 part sugar to 4 parts water, no sweeter than that). The great thing about a hanging bird feeder is that a mixture of seeds will set a table for a good variety of birds.

Bird baths are another great way to bring birds into your backyard. Birds enjoy fresh water and keeping themselves clean and a bird bath will draw a good number of birds in as well, be sure to keep the bath clean and the water fresh.

After you’ve set these items up in your yard, you can move on to placing several bird houses in your yard. Now depending on which birds that are indigenous to your area you’ll need to research their nesting habits, for instance, robins are platform nesters which is why they build nests in tree branches and bushes, but a smaller bird like a chickadee or a sparrow look for small holes or cavities in trees to nest in, so a bird house with a narrow opening would be ideal for them.

Finally, place your feeders in a spot that other animals, like squirrels and raccoons, can’t get to. Place the feeders on tall shepherd’s hooks or posts with baffles on them so the animals can’t climb up to the feeders.

Enjoy your new living decor!


Source by Joseph Deal

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