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MovingHow To Make Moving House As Easy As Possible

April 8, 2019by was73100

Three Weeks Before The Move

Once you have found your new home and sold your old place the hard work is just beginning. Three weeks before the big day you should be looking at getting quotes for   removal  men and asking what kind of service they provide. See if you can call in any favors from friends and family, the more volunteers you find, the less  removal  men you have to hire! If you are getting help from non-professionals you will have to source your own boxes and packaging materials.

Make calls to your service providers in order to let them know when you are moving. If you are unable to stay with the same provider find out who can help you in your new area. If you are moving children into new schools make sure you have confirmed the dates that you will expect them to start at their new school.

Two Weeks Before The Move

Inform your bank, credit card lenders and anyone else who needs to know of your new address. Register your change of address so you will not be left off the electoral process. Look to cancel your insurance on your current home and set up a new insurance plan at your new location.

One Week Before The Move

Double check the moving date with your estate agent, these can often slip by a few days. Make some final checks; speak to your  removal  company and any volunteers that are helping with the move. The last thing you want is to be unable to move your things when someone else is waiting to move into your house. Start putting your belongings into labelled boxes-taking the time to put things in boxes for set rooms will help to save time when completing your move. Moving house can be a great opportunity to get rid of any unwanted belongings, if you are going through items that you have not used for a while get rid of them! It will be one less thing to carry on the day of the move!

The Day Before

Defrost your freezer if you are taking it with you. Pack any essentials that you require in the same box so that you have enough to get by in the first night in your new home. When moving, make sure you check that nothing has been left and make arrangements to leave your key somewhere.

When you do move in make sure that you set up a bed, you will be grateful that you did in the morning! Finally, settle in and make your new house into a home.

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