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MovingHow to Perform a Skin Tag Removal at Home – With This Home Remedy You Can Eliminate Your Warts Fast

December 12, 2018by was73100

A very annoying skin condition to have is skin tags. Although they don’t pose any real threat, most people that have them want them to be removed. The good news is there are some things you can do to remove this problem.

You can perform an effective skin tag  removal  at home by using frankincense essential oil. Some people that have used this home remedy have completely removed their skin tags without leaving any scars behind.

To perform this home remedy you have to get two Q tips and a bottle of frankincense essential oil. The kind you’re looking for is the therapeutic grade and you can find it at health food stores.

Before you use this home  removal  method you should make sure the frankincense essential oil is not too powerful for your skin. Check with your dermatologist and they can make sure that undiluted frankincense essential oil is not too strong to use on your skin.

Take the essential oil and apply it directly onto the affected area. To apply the oil you should take Q tip and dab it to the affected area each day. Continue to use this skin tag  removal  at home until your skin condition is gone.

Another effective skin tag  removal  at home involves using tea tree oil. Clean and dry the affected area before applying a cotton ball soaked in tea tree oil to it.

Now tape the tea tree soaked cotton ball over the affected area. Repeat this procedure multiple times throughout the day every day until the skin growth falls off.


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