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MovingHow to Plan If You Want to Declutter

November 14, 2018by was73100

I’ve wanted to organize my apartment for weeks, but every time I come home, I take a look at my stuff and I don’t know where to begin. It’s funny because you want the job to be done but you just can’t decide when or how to start.

First things first: stop thinking too much and just start decluttering.

Pick a space or box to start with, either the most cluttered space on your room or the first space you can reach.

Creating a plan which is specific, measurable, attainable, and time bound. This shelf for 30 minutes is to be cleaned, decluttered and organized.

Have a trash bag or bin next to you at all times so it won’t be hard for you to clean the junk you want thrown away.Then go to the next space using the same process.

Give yourself a time limit so you know how to pace yourself. Make sure your goal is attainable so you wont procrastinate. Kitchen, to be decluttered in an hour and a half; or bedroom decluttered and organized in an hour.

to know which to keep and which stuff to junk, I categorize mine into three, the stuff I need, the stuff I want to keep, and stuff to trash.

I’ll be honest, the category that I have to browse through again would be the stuff I want to keep. But it still is a huge help to categorize for eliminating clutter.

After sticking to my plan I was able to finish my apartment in 1 day and a half. Appreciate your work, and make sure you declutter more often, so as not to bulk your self with more clutter.


Source by Maxie Stuffle

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