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MovingHow to Prepare For Relocation

September 8, 2019by was73100


Moving or relocating may be exciting and fun for some, and quite a stressful activity to others. The possibility of packing and unpacking can be quite stressing. However, to prepare for relocation should create a lot of positive anticipation to you and your family as you take the next big step in moving to a different house after selling your own, or moving into a house, you own for the very first time.

How do you prepare for relocation? Below are some tips to give you an idea of the what, how and when in moving house.

1. Take down things primarily. Everything you own must pass through the front door as you move. Be sure to have everything down near the door before your moving day. You can store these things in boxes. It does not matter how many boxes they consume as long as they are stored safe and ready to go when you move.

2. Make sure to remove clutter around the house. Clear out anything you have not used in a while. Take time to organize and determine things that are no longer in use and pieces of junks as well. It is better to have them disposed of right away than taking them to your new location.

3. Hire a moving van to save you from tiring yourself out and hurting your back. There are professional movers that can greatly help you in moving to your new location. This is especially invaluable when it comes to dealing with your large furniture such as the living room set, beds and appliances.

4. The things you can put in a box! Use boxes that are manageable for you to carry. Tapes, DVDs, CDs and books can be stored in different paper boxes. Confectionery boxes are good for packing too. You can ask these from your local shop or nearby grocery. Make sure that these boxes are strong enough to hold your things and add packing tape for reinforcement.

5. Pack fragile items with extra care. The best packing items to use are bubble wrap and newsprint. You can ask or buy large sheets or rolls from your local printer. Another good alternative is your good collection of old newspapers. Ceramic materials and other breakable items are best stored in these wrapping materials. Mattresses should be wrapped carefully too.

6. Marking your box is invaluable in your relocation. With all the stuff you have, it will prove to be a very taxing job trying to find out what each box contains by opening them one by one when you reach your new home. It is best to label them according to where they should go into the new house or mark them where they come from in your old house. This way you will have a better idea of finding things. Labels should be on the top of the box and at both sides. You can also help in faster moving by using some signs for your new house like bedroom one, bedroom two or kitchen so that your move-day helpers will know where each box should go.

7. Make a plan and drawing of your new home to where furniture and large appliances should be put. This way, the removal men does not have to waste time waiting to ask you where these items should be.

8. Make an essential box for your move day. This box should contain a couple of snack items, tissue or toilet paper, a bottle of two or mineral water, coffee and tea fixings and a kettle. A drill, hammer, screwdriver, nails, screws and wall plugs should be put in another bag.

Time to pack and have a happy moving day!


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