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MovingHow To Protect Your Home From Termites

November 13, 2018by was73100

All homeowners would agree that one of their worst fears is to find termites thriving in their home. These tiny insects may appear to be harmless, but if left unnoticed, one may be surprised that their beautiful house may need to be completely renovated because the termites have already eaten all the wood that support the entire structure of the house. Proper knowledge about how the termites thrive is the key in preventing these little home wreckers from completely damaging your home.

Termites are insects that feed on the dead parts of the trees and plants. Although there are several species of termites, all of them require basic things like food, shelter and moisture in order for them to survive. The small mouth of the termites can tear down large blocks of food particularly wood. It is this devouring capability of termites that is feared by homeowners. Homes regardless of how they are constructed can be easily infested by termites. These little pests, particularly the dry wood termites can easily get inside the house and live inside the furniture and wall.

An important thing about termites is that these creatures never go alone. These creatures attack by colonies that are composed of hundreds or even thousands of hungry termites that are ready to take down any wood they can get mouths on. So if you happen to see even just a few termites on the floor or outside on your lawn, then you already have a huge problem because most likely there are already thousands more that are devouring all the wood in your house.

The problems caused by termite infestation in your home are not obvious and most of the time it is already too late when they are discovered. One of the hints that there are termites in your home is when you start seeing small holes in your walls. When termites eat the wood they usually leave behind dusts from wood, this is why powder like wood can be found on the floor. The termites usually eat the middle part of the wood, so when you knock on the wood you will find that it has a hallow sound.

One of the effective methods that homeowners can do in order for them to protect their homes from termite infestations is to keep the foundations of their houses dry. This may require you to evaluate and if needed make some necessary renovations on how the water flows out from your house. Try to fill in the cracks and holes in your walls with cement or other fillers. Keeping your house sealed can discourage the termites from entering your house. If you are not sure if your house is free from termites, then you can…


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